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CADMAX: Steel Detailers, BIM experts and Software consultant to help you manage your processes.

CADMAX offers complete and integrated solutions to realize your steel detailing projects within schedule and budget. From the beginning, CADMAX has been detailing steel structures of all types and sizes, from industrial or commercial buildings to complex stadiums, airports or convention centers. With our experience and expertise, we can undertake any structural steel detailing project and contribute to its success. We also offer complementary services such as Building information modeling (BIM) and consultant services to the construction industry to optimize its business processes.

Expert in Steel Detailing since 1984

CADMAX has been providing steel detailing services on the North American market for over 25 years. Our team of 20 IDC-certified steel detailers and checkers works with the latest technologies including the software Tekla Structures (formerly Tekla X-Steel) and a precisely tuned 3D modeling software, in conjunction with data management systems developed specifically for steel-structure projects.

Value-added steel detailing with Building Information Modeling Expertise

Our R&D team makes sure that all your specific structural detailing requests are fulfilled. We base our work on lean-manufacturing structural steel detailing principles. We study all the processes involved throughout the project to achieve the highest quality and optimal productivity. Our long time partners and clients seek our knowledge of the steel detailing business and our capacity to innovate while working according to the industry's best practices.






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  • Detailing is planning

    It is very easy to draw what can be seen on plans and quotes. The real challenge is discerning what cannot be seen, what was omitted, what is contradictory and what can potentially cause delays and non-compliance on the building site.

  • Purchase cost or overall cost?

    Our customers often ask us this question : Why should we pay more for your steel detailing services? What do I answer them? Because investing in the lowest tenderer is more expensive.

  • Edmonton Airport's new tower

    The following presentation was unveiled during the CISC-ICCA 2014 annual congress. Demonstrating the various production steps along with the information-sharing challenges met by Cadmax while working on the Edmonton international Airport's new office and control tower, we invite you to take a look.

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